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Toronto’s hottest COVID-19 hotspots

Toronto’s hottest COVID-19 hotspots

These maps show Toronto’s current COVID-19 hot spots are not where you think they are.

We’re sharing them because people need to see them. The numbers are important. These are the most hot areas in Toronto, the data that matters in a time of crisis.

But it’s important to note that this is not the same data as the one from our last live map.

This is based on the data from the day before Toronto’s hottest COVID-19 hot spots, which was taken on March 31. It’s likely to be at least a day behind the current “cliff” of hotspot locations. All the data in our current map (which comes from today and Saturday) was collected the day before.

The biggest hot spot is in Etobicoke. It’s a cluster of hotspots in the northeast part of Etobicoke, northwest corner of Steeles and Lakeshore. There are nine hotspots in the cluster.

We’ve used the same graphic in all our pandemic live maps to present these new hotspots. It’s important to look at these new hotspots as well.

The graphic shows the data from the day before. It shows the highest level of COVID-19-like cases in the cluster (yellow).

It also shows the number of tests conducted in the area (blue circles). The cluster area has approximately 30,000 residents and we have tested over 13,500 residents.

That’s a lot of tests and likely represents the first stages (early stage) of the pandemic here in the area.

Looking at today’s data shows a very different story. The number of tests and the number of COVID-19-like cases has dropped drastically from what they were at the peak of the pandemic. There are only a few hotspots left in the cluster. This map shows the nine COVID-19-like hotspots in the cluster – but they’re all in the southeast part of the cluster.

This map shows the nine COVID-19 hotspots in the cluster.

The cluster is not dead. It’s not like the rest of Toronto. The cluster is still not over or anything. There are still

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