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Tiger Woods’ son Jared is playing in the Ryder Cup

Tiger Woods’ son Jared is playing in the Ryder Cup

Falcon tradition inspires passion in World Cup host Qatar

Tiger Woods was given an “adversity award” at the Ryder Cup in 2006, but now his son is taking on an event he’s never before experienced.

Jared, 18, has travelled to World Cup events during his junior career, including the 2004 Olympics in Athens, and he says he’ll do the best he can to ensure that this will be his first time standing at the same spot as Tiger in the Ryder Cup.

Featuring the host nation of Qatar and 14 of the world’s best, the contest will be held on the same course as last year’s Ryder Cup at Celtic Manor, Ireland, and will be played over the weekend of 3-5 September.

“It’s a big opportunity for me, I have a lot of friends who are professional players in the game and obviously I want to be one of them. And to be there in the same field as my father would be great,” said Jared, who lives with his father and mother in Dorset.

“We’ve got a lot of good memories on those trips together, we’ve done quite a few over the past few years. And we’ve got a lot of memories on the golf course together.

“My dad and I, we actually played the same golf course when I was about 14 years old on a Sunday, with dad playing with his son and I with my dad and he was playing on my dad’s team.

“I remember him walking up on one of the holes and having to say ‘hey, my son Jared has won this tournament, you can only do that once. Next time he wins he’ll have to go down here and finish it’.”

Jared isn’t the first teenager to break the Ryder Cup mould.

In 2015, Harry Potter stars Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson were all given the opportunity to play alongside the Ryder Cup elite. The team was selected from the “most recognisable and respected members of the game”.

Jared’s dad, however, is one of the players who didn’t make the cut. “I don’t think that’s fair, obviously they are all very accomplished and really good golfers. And Harry Potter, they had won a whole heap of tournaments, a

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