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The woman who made a death threat against LaTurner is being prosecuted

The woman who made a death threat against LaTurner is being prosecuted

Man prosecuted for death threat against Kansas Rep. LaTurner

A local woman is being prosecuted by a federal prosecutor for making a death threat against Kansas Rep. Pat LaTurner, according to the latest report on her case.

But unlike any of LaTurner’s more recent threats, her threat this time was directed not at the congressman but at a state lawmaker, KWCH-TV reported.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office says they filed charges against Jessica Davis, who allegedly made the threat Dec. 1, and the Kansas Bureau of Investigation confirmed the threat had been made.

A spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office declined to comment on the case Tuesday.

Davis, the mother of two, told investigators she made the threat because of what she considers an unfair treatment she’s seen from the congressman.

“He can’t treat me like I’m a criminal. I am not a criminal, and I’m not going to let him treat me that way,” Davis said in the KWCH interview.

Davis’ threat comes after LaTurner was at the heart of a controversy earlier this week for refusing to remove a poster of the Confederate flag from a statehouse office after a staffer of Republican Gov. Sam Brownback’s was confronted about the display.

Davis, a state representative from Manhattan, was not involved in that incident.

But the two incidents were unrelated, according to the federal prosecutors.

LaTurner has since said he plans to take down the poster and to talk to the lawmaker, who initially refused to remove it. It remains on display along the stairs to his office at the Capitol.

LaTurner says the display will remain up until he’s given the OK by both the governor and the House Speaker, Dennis Hastert, who is chairman of the House State Government Committee.

Davis said she posted a Facebook message to her daughter that said, “If you

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