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The Dodgers are a big mess that just doesn’t work right

The Dodgers are a big mess that just doesn't work right

Letters to the Editor: Dodgers lost? Fake news. Just declare them the winners.


Dec 20, 2018 at 12:01 AM

I am not the only one that knows the Dodgers are a big, bad mess that just isn’t working right. Why is this a big deal? The Yankees lost yesterday in the Super Bowl. The Vikings lost yesterday in the Super Bowl. The Packers won yesterday in the Super Bowl. The Packers lost a few weeks ago when the Giants knocked them out in the NFC Championship game. Yet none of these teams went the extra mile to win the championship and none of those teams went out and blew the world away either. We shouldn’t put the blame on those teams because they didn’t come back and win a championship. This team, on the other hand did.

There is a lot of noise at Dodger Stadium and it is going to continue to grow. This team is young and inexperienced and they just don’t know what they have yet. Don’t take away the credit because they didn’t blow it on national TV. They didn’t go out and make a play that will take them to the promised land. They came back again. They are trying. Don’t let this become a national embarrassment that the Dodgers are. Let it be more than it is, because right now that is the only way they will ever win a championship.

Peter W. Brown

Los Angeles

Fake news? L.A. is about as fake news as it gets. You can’t stop people from talking and it’s going to continue. It’s good for business and that’s what is happening. The media continues to be more biased, less honest and less accountable as they become more powerful. It’s just a matter of time…

It’s about control. Once they start controlling the narrative they can control what’s going to get written. L.A. is an entertainment town and this town is not what you think it is. This town is very diverse. The rich are just as diverse as the poor and the minorities

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