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Siddharth’s “Adventure” Film Is a Must-See

Siddharth's "Adventure" Film Is a Must-See

An action spectacle built around true story of female warriors, who fight as a group to destroy the evil empire known as the Empire.

The movie opened to a stellar reception at the San Diego Asian American Film Festival. It was also a great success at the BAMFF, winning the Best International Film Award and receiving a standing ovation from nearly 3,000 members of the audience. The movie is currently in distribution.

The movie has been nominated for 5 Oscar trophies (best actors, best actors in a supporting role, best actress, best actress in a supporting role, and best actor in a leading role) in the best foreign-language film category, but has yet to win a single one.

Siddharth has created a truly mesmerizing, visceral experience that should be on everyone’s must-see list.

“The movie was a big challenge because it had to be a totally epic adventure film, one that is unlike any other war film,” said Siddharth. “It was made by a team of incredible people who have done amazing things in their different careers.”

Siddharth had an incredible cast of friends who were all willing to lend their talents to the project (see below).

“I had an amazing ensemble I was able to rely on, a very gifted writer that gave me a lot of confidence and encouragement,” Siddharth said. “I had my actors who are very talented, and I asked them each to do what they wanted to do. That way there was no one to hold any back.”

While the whole experience was exhilarating, for Siddharth’s younger brother, the film was a very tough one to shoot.

“When I was shooting the movie I got to see how a small team of people worked together. It was very challenging, because there is not much safety with a small crew and actors, and they are at the other end of the scale from me. When you don’t know how people are going

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