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Low-Cost A/C in LA

Low-Cost A/C in LA

How to get a low-cost A/C unit and other help from LADWP to beat the next heat wave

The air-conditioning rule is that you can’t put A/C in public buildings because they would require too much energy. But you can put them in your home.

It’s a good thing we are getting to the point where we are getting cheaper electricity. LADWP is on a path to get rid of the use to be replaced A/C (it’s all one big one for now) and we are getting all sorts of other energy savings now that we are in the low electricity price mode.

The A/C rule was put in place because of the massive demand for air conditioning during the coldest of cold winter months.

Well, maybe we should be thinking about changing that rule.

One of the ways we are doing this is by having the state use its $17 million grant to bring in a low-cost A/C unit for every household that can afford it.

LADWP’s Director of Energy Conservation Chris Hill says that over the last few months, all but two of the state’s 20 lowest-cost electric providers have offered up their services to cut their energy costs.

“The good news is that they will only offer you one A/C unit, so if you don’t have one they might as well tell you to get out of public buildings,” Hill said.

“A/C is something that people feel more comfortable with once they have a small unit in their home and they don’t have a big energy bill,” Hill added.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to go with a single A/C in our home. It is possible to have several low-cost A/Cs in the home — a few low-cost units in each room. If you are

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