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How Can Georgia Win the SEC East?

How Can Georgia Win the SEC East?

In Georgia, Could a Football Win Help Walker Win as Well?

September 4, 2010

This year, Walker was the first freshman quarterback to be recognized as a Heisman Trophy finalist. Then his sophomore season got off to a bad start. His sophomore year was his lowest in scoring since entering Georgia.

In his third year as a starter, the Bulldogs can use a big year to take the pressure off of him. A big year would go a long way for Walker, who can improve to be considered a top quarterback in the nation at any position.

All that’s needed to get Walker a Heisman Trophy is for Georgia to win a game in the SEC East. If that happens, Walker’s Heisman chances will improve. If the Bulldogs lose a game in the division, that will make Georgia’s chances for a Heisman even better.

Can Georgia win its East Division?

Yes, they would be the first team (in the past 10 years) to make it to the SEC championship game with a win in the East Division. It took the Florida Gators (2000) three years to do the same, and that was at the beginning of the decade, when it was very difficult for teams to make it to the SEC title game.

Since then, it’s not been difficult to do. In 2005, the Gators got their first SEC title since joining the SEC. In 2006, it took all of one game for that to happen. In 2007, it took just three games for the Gators to be in the title game.

If you took the Gators and the Bulldogs in 2007 and 2008, it would take two years to make it to the title game in each sport. In 2009, it took three games.

We’ll see if it’s easier to repeat in 2009 than it was in 2009, or if the Bulldogs will be able to hold onto their SEC East title for another year, which would improve Walker’s chances.

How good can Georgia be this season?

Georgia did not run for a lot of yards last year, but they made big plays. It was obvious they had some players

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