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7 Things Trump Has Done That Go Against His Party’s Principles

7 Things Trump Has Done That Go Against His Party’s Principles

Obama readies for the campaign trail by hitting the airwaves across country with a special campaign: The Republican Revolution.

On Thursday, the day of the release of his new book, The Art of the Possible: How Will Republican Policy Can Bring America Together Again — From Capitol Hill to the Campaign Trail, the GOP nominee unveiled his own version of a progressive rallying call: The Republican Revolution. According to Politico, the new strategy:

The campaign aims to unite the party’s right on the critical issues of job creation, the federal budget and immigration. It will make an emphasis on statesmanship and civility. It also aims to focus on a more traditional Republican message, including some of the issues that Trump has long refused to acknowledge — like the need for a strong national defense.

The problem, according to many Republicans, is that Trump has said things over the years that have gone against his party’s base while simultaneously going against his own party’s principles. At last year’s Republican National Convention, he endorsed a party plank urging the government to be used to punish people who commit a crime. He endorsed a law that would allow people like Dylann Roof to pursue the death penalty against people who had the audacity to think differently from him on the issue of gay marriage. Most of all, he’s said things that go against the principles and values that his party stands for. Here are seven of those things:

1. He has been critical of the United States and its allies

Trump has been critical of the country and its allies for years. On his campaign website, when asked whether he would withdraw the American military from another country (specifically the war in Afghanistan), Trump answered in the affirmative, but then said that he would work with other nations if their leaders wanted to withdraw on his terms.

Then there was his answer in an interview with Time magazine when asked whether he would take back the Obama-era healthcare policy

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